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No. 2 Diesel Fuel is often referred to as ‘summer grade’ and No.1 Diesel Fuel as “winter grade” as it is lighter (less oily and has less lubricating qualities.)  Other types of diesel fuels are:  Jet A, turbine fuels, heavy fuel oil and marine bunker oil.  Industry use is varied from standby power systems, commercial over-the-road trucks, industrial applications, ship / marine use. 

Properties specified for the varied grades, such as:  Grade No. 1-D, Grade No. 2-D, Grade No. 4-D are also tested.

Analytical Testing Laboratory 's Diesel Fuel Testing includes:

Classification of Products

Cetane Rating

#1 Diesel Fuel Specifications

#2 Diesel Fuel Specifications

Storage Integrity

Product Cleanliness

ASTM D975 SPECIFICATIONS for DIESEL FUEL include the following tests:

Flash Point 

Water and Sediment by Centrifuge

Atmospheric Distillation

Viscosity @ 40°C 

Ash Content 


Copper Corrosion 

Pour Point    

Ramsbottom Carbon Residue  

API Gravity, Density

Cetane Number of Diesel Fuel       

Calculation of Cetane Index,       

    requires API Gravity and Distillation        

 Cloud Point     


And more…

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Our laboratory uses the methods and standards of these organizations

ASTM [ American Standard and Testing Material ] methods.

For detailed information see the ASTM website at:  http://www.ASTM.ORG

And The SAE [Society of Automotive Engineers]   standards.

For detailed information see the SAE website at  http://www.SAE.ORG

and/or established industry standards.

as the American Petroleum Institute [API].

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FAX:   814-432-9424
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