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General purpose lubricating greases are usually based on lithium, calcium or sodium soaps and include some EP greases and lithium complex grease.  Specialty greases [high-specification greases] are formulated to meet rigorous specifications and based on complex soaps combined with highly refined or synthetic base oils and additives.  While mineral oil based grease is the most common. Others are: water based lubricants, industrial grease, high temperature grease, dry film lubricants, conveyor lubricants, bearing grease, moly lubricant, synthetic grease 3/24, dry lubricant bearing grease, and moly grease to name a few, 

According to The National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI) -- an international technical trade association that serves the lubricating grease and gear lubricant industry

In the past, the diversity of specifications for automotive service greases, as established by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), made it difficult for the marketer of lubricating greases to make available all the many specified products. Finally, the Society of Automotive Engineers, the American Society for Testing and Materials and NLGI, forming a tripartite group, all played their respective roles in establishing ASTM D 4950 as a standard for automotive service greases. As a result, OEM's, suppliers and consumers have a common language to use when describing lubricating greases for automotive service.

ASTM D 4950 includes specifications for two category groups: chassis lubricants (letter "L" prefix) and wheel bearing lubricants (letter "G" prefix). Performance classifications within these groups result in two letter designations for chassis greases (LA and LB) and three for wheel bearing greases (GA, GB, and GC) The automotive industry is in general agreement that the highest performance category, to date, in each group (LB and GC) is suitable for service relubrication.

Following the development of these categories, the Institute implemented its NLGI service classification as a means of identifying to the consumer the two highest performance levels: GC and LB; the combination, GC-LB, represents a multi-purpose category. In the future, NLGI will revise the system concurrently with any changes made to ASTM D 4950.

To facilitate easy, accurate identification to all users, NLGI has made available to the industry an identifying symbol, i.e., the NLGI Certification Mark, to be displayed on grease packaging. Those OEM owner's manuals that illustrate this mark will advise users to use only those greases carrying this mark on the label.


Grease Analysis     -------         is[Under Construction]   BUT we are NOT

  • New grease analysis is performed to see if a product meets specifications, formulations, or is compatabile with another product.
  • Used grease, on the other hand, is tested for contamination levels, degradation characteristics, additive depletion, wear elements and Remaining Useful Life Evaluation Routine (RULER).


ASTM D4950  Standard Classification and Specification of Automotive Service Greases

ASTM D217     Cone Penetration of Lubricating Grease* [working penetration/working cone penetration]
ASTM D566     Dropping Point of Lubricating Grease
ASTM D2265   Dropping Point of Lubricating Grease

*ASTM D217 provides information about the compatible of products --  under ideal conditions to  actual plant conditions -- and their consistency or incompatibility..

   and more ...


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Our laboratory uses the methods and standards of this organization

ASTM [ American Standard and Testing Material ] methods.

For detailed information see the ASTM website at:  http://www.ASTM.ORG

and/or established industry standards.

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